Water & Energy

Many water and energy – dependent businesses have had to rely on the delivery of water.

Incorporating the production of water and energy into your business rather than relying on others to deliver your water, ensures reliable water access and the ability to accurately forecast your water needs.

Waterassociates identify your demand and provides strategies for cost-effective water and energy production solutions.

Namibia has vast resources of solar and wind energy. Making use of these resources and combine them in an intelligent modular approach with innovative techniques will fulfill your needs in a sustainable and cost efficient way.

Waterassociates engineers making use of energy solutions like wind energy generation, concentrated solar power (CSP) and use of waste heat from industrial processes and combine them with desalination of seawater or salty groundwater resources.

The result is a site specific concept for water & energy production with reduced costs for infrastructure measures.

Our consultancy and project management portfolio in the field of water & energy:

  • Site and business specific concept development.
  • Implementation strategy development.
  • Expertise in renewable energy: Wind, CSP and PV.
  • Expertise in hydro-chemical assessment of water resources in relation to desalination options.
  • Design of optimal desalination techniques.


Water Resources Investigations

Our team has a strong background in water resources assessment, specialized on groundwater resources assessment and management. We give advice for clients on small scale up to regional scale projects.

Waterassociates combine modern approaches and investigation methods for groundwater assessment, system modelling, monitoring, exploitation and protection and utilize this knowledge to provide innovative, cost-effective and appropriate hydrogeological solutions on all projects.

Our competencies in the field of hydrogeology extends to:

  • Water resources assessment: resources availability, sustainable availability and quality.
  • Groundwater field exploration.
  • Geophysical assessment.
  • Planning and management of drilling campaigns and borehole construction
  • Borehole inspections and testing.
  • Water sampling: ground and surface waters.
  • Numerical modelling.
  • Contaminated site management.
  • Regulatory agency compliance.
  • Training for authorities and decision makers.
  • Geotechnical and hydrogeological equipment supply.


Water & Sanitation

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) are some of the most basic needs for human health and livelihood. WASH can also be crucial components in freeing people from poverty. Still, 1 out of 10 people do not have access to an improved source of drinking water and more than a third of the world’s population does not have access to a hygienic means of basic sanitation.

As Water Supply & Sanitation Specialists, Waterassociates support and advice in the preparation and implementation of all activities relating to the water supply and sanitation programmes or projects. We serve as resource persons during the conduct of stakeholders’ consultations and other relevant activities with the communities, government units and the private sector;

We provide technical assessment of water supply and sanitation challenges, which primarily include data collection, processing and analysis. Specifically, determine the gaps in water supply and sanitation relative to human rights standards in terms of the following: water availability, water quality, water and sanitation physical accessibility, water affordability, and sanitation acceptability;

We assist in the conduct of an assessment on watershed protection and management i.e. adequacy of water supply, maintenance of water quality and sustainability of economic activities in the watershed.

Our competencies in the field of water and sanitation extends to:

  • Preparation and implementation of all activities relating to the water supply and sanitation programmes.
  • Guideline development in regard to WASH principles.
  • Technical assessment on water sanitations solutions.
  • Policy development.
  • Regulatory agency compliance.
  • Training for authorities and decision makers.


Purifying Systems

Clean potable water without any compromises – that is what we want. That is what you want. In many regions water is not brackish or salty but of poor quality and unusable for drinking purpose due to water quality issues.

To make these resources available Waterassociates provide solutions on household level to turn this water into a drinkable water supply.

We use a combination of techniques to remove water quality issues like elevated Fluoride, Nitrate, and Sulphate concentrations or other contaminants like bacteria from the water resource and this for a fraction of costs for the transport of potable water or conventional purifying solutions.

We use a combination of filtration, reverse osmosis and UV-Treatment to provide a safe water supply.

Purifying systems:

  • Water analysis and purifying options assessment.
  • Supply of 5- or 7-stage purifying units with a capacity of up to 600 Liter per day per unit.
  • Installation and maintenance.
  • Monitoring of water quality parameters.